Who we are

Muscovy Technology Group is an information technology management and consulting firm. We specialize in the design and management of software and systems integrated solutions to achieve extraordinary results. Our expertise is in defining, designing and implementing systems that bridge the gaps between individual solution vendors to achieve the synergy of a well-structured, highly effective technical footprint.



We focus on knowing what your business does, how it operates and what the challenges are, what the competition is doing and the industry trends before recommending solutions. In doing so we craft solutions to meet the specific needs of organization, build strong platforms from which to leverage opportunities and streamline operations and ensure both your success and ours. Success stems from a clear vision of your business goals, so we employ a very process-centric approach. Your core business processes form the foundation of that approach, because technology must facilitate execution of those processes. We provide custom IT Support solutions.

Why Muscovy?

Affordable Cost Model

We do not have expensive brick and mortar office facilities in high profile locations. We are a lean company focused on our clients needs.

Effective Execution

We deliver with smaller, more experienced teams. On day one, we bring the tools and experience to begin producing results immediately.

More than just Technology

We develop systems with your employees and objectives in mind. Solutions are tailored to meet the specific need of your business.

Passion and commitment

As a young, growing company the success of every single client is critical to our success.